Q: Where do our orders ship from? 

A: from our California company.  

Q: How can we get the life-time warranty? 

A: you can either register it on our website or mail the card back to us. You are also welcome to text or call us to register your warranty  909-314-8587

Q: What is thermostatic valve? Why you are using thermostatic valve? 

A: Thermostatic valve mixes the hot and cold water to our pre-selected temperature and reacts instantly to any changes in the pressure or temperature of water supply by re-adjusting the mix of hot and cold water. Our thermostatic valves are able to ensure a temperature difference range +/- 0.01 degree. 

Q: How is the LED light running on shower heads?

A: We have two version LED lights on shower head. For the 64 color LED lights,  home AC is the power source. You can turn on and off the lights as you want.  The other 3 color LED lights is run by waterflow, when there is waterflow and temperature detected, the LED lights will turn on automatically. 

Q: How can we maintain the speaker of DeerCreek Premium Shower system? 

A: the speaker and LED lights can be easily replaced. Please contact Grolta to ge the replacement video.